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Monthly archive August, 2014

CEP: A Pathway to Hunger-Free Schools

This upcoming school year, high poverty schools across Virginia have an opportunity to offer free breakfast and lunch to all … Read more

The 50th Anniversary of SNAP & A Challenge for All of You

In his 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty in America,” … Read more

Thousands of Virginia Residents May Lose Insurance

By Prue Salasky, Daily Press

Virginia is fourth behind Florida, Texas and Georgia in the number of enrollees who have … Read more

What You Need to Know About Virginia’s Online No Fault Divorce Tool

Divorce is often said to be one of the three most stressful experiences a person faces, right up there with … Read more

Survivors of Predatory Loans

To mark the end of Shark Week, we wanted to share a couple of quotes from people who called our … Read more

Don’t Become Shark Bait by Getting Line of Credit & Online Loans

Monday’s blog warned of the dangers of swimming with Virginia’s payday and car title lenders.  Today we want to warn … Read more

What Could Go Wrong if You Dip into Shark Infested Lending Waters

Continuing with our Shark Week theme, we wanted to dive a little deeper into what could actually go wrong if … Read more

Beware of Virginia’s “Shark” Infested Lending Waters

In honor of Shark Week, we want to ask:  Is it now safe to go in the lending waters in … Read more

Sleep Tight Knowing How to Respond to Bed Bugs in your Rental Housing

Bed bugs are a serious issue that we’ve seen come up in the news a lot lately.  Local legal aid … Read more