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Overview of Family Law

The practice area of family law at VPLC encompasses divorce, custody and visitation and child and spousal support.  These are issues that can obviously be complicated and difficult for the parties involved and VPLC’s family law attorney seeks to find the best solution for her clients in every case she takes.


VPLC tracks the progress of family law-related legislation through the General Assembly, consults with case handlers about the possible impact of proposed legislation and provides input to committees and individual legislators and other advocacy groups on how a particular bill may affect low-income clients.  She advocates for improvements to Virginia’s laws related to these issues, and is working with a team of legal aid attorneys across the state to develop online programs that will produce personalized legal information sheets and forms for low-income Virginians representing themselves in family law matters.

Over the past few years, VPLC has become increasingly involved with the issue of foster care in Virginia.  VPLC collaborates with leaders across the state to help develop and implement changes to Virginia’s child welfare system that will help children remain safely out of foster care or move out of care into permanent families.


VPLC provides trainings to Legal Aid and pro bono attorneys, lay advocates and members of the public on basic family law, including custody, visitation and support.


For assistance, call the local legal aid office that serves your area or call 1-866-534-5243 to be connected with your local legal aid office. As a statewide support organization, VPLC does not generally handle individual cases except when asked to act as co-counsel with a legal aid attorney. On a case-by-case basis, however, VPLC may be available to provide direct legal representation in matters involving complicated or innovative legal issues.

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