ShareNational data has shined a light on a crisis in Virginia that some have said was “hidden in plain sight” for years – the eviction crisis.  Five of Virginia’s largest cities, and three of its mid-sized cities, have some of the highest eviction rates in the country.  Thousands of families living in these cities are evicted every year, and while many experience similar hardships, such as living in motels or the crowded apartments of relatives, each family evicted has their own unique story to share.  We want to hear those stories and share them with others as we try to improve laws and policies to reduce evictions across Virginia.

Eviction stories have many pieces.  Were you given a written notice, taken to court, notified by the sheriff?  Or did you come home one day to find the lock changed, an unlawful practice that only the most unscrupulous landlords use.  Did you fall behind in rent because of job loss or unexpected expenses?  If you went to court, how did things go?