The Annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference

The annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference, sponsored by the Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC), is a three-day event that provides comprehensive training on poverty law issues to the legal community. The conference normally consists of at least 30 workshops on legal topics related to family, employment, housing, health care, elder and consumer issues. The conference also includes management, leadership and community workshops geared towards Legal Aid staff and those who are part of the Virginia State Client Council, which is comprised of Legal Aid client-eligible individuals who work to provide peer-to-peer education and empowerment to lower income individuals on issues of statewide importance.

The conference, which the Virginia Poverty Law Center has sponsored for over 25 years, is open to everyone and attracts many advocates in the private and government sector. The conference provides a wealth of information for both Legal Aid and non-Legal Aid attorneys. Attorneys usually receive 12.5 Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit hours, including 2.0 credits for ethics. In the past 10 years, conference attendance has grown tremendously and we now see over 300 advocates attend the conference.

Always evolving, the conference continues to be an invaluable resource to the Legal Aid community. It provides useful information, camaraderie and a chance for advocates to come together once a year to exchange, develop and discuss legal issues impacting lower income Virginians.

Why You Should Care About the Conference


As a law firm in Virginia, we know that you make a difference day in and day out to represent and protect your client’s rights. You understand the importance of advocacy on behalf of those who are facing legal issues that are often difficult and complicated. Legal aid offices throughout the Commonwealth take on many of the same types of issues, only they work specifically with lower income Virginians. As the statewide support center for the Legal Aid offices, the Virginia Poverty Law Center hosts an annual conference for Legal Aid attorneys and staff so they can attend workshops related to poverty law while building a sense of community amongst this group of people who do so much for Virginia’s less fortunate.

Your law firm can help make this year’s statewide Legal Aid conference a success.

The Virginia Poverty Law Center supports Legal Aid offices by providing co-counseling, training and technical assistance to them. We’ve been doing this work for the past 30 years and want to continue to be able to provide conferences and trainings to the Legal Aid community free of cost. This is where we would be grateful for your law firm’s help. By generously supporting the Legal Aid conference at one of our sponsorship levels, you are ensuring that this year’s conference will be a success and will know that your contribution helped more than 300 Legal Aid attorneys and staff members come to this conference at no charge.

In addition, with any of our sponsorships, we would be delighted to host a certain number of your attorneys during the conference. This will give them an opportunity to meet with Legal Aid attorneys and forge new relationships and collaboration with others working on similar issues and cases, all while bringing recognition to your law firm.

Advocate Sponsor

Advocate Level

As a sponsor of both the welcome dinner on the first night and the keynote banquet on the second night, the Advocate Level provides the most visibility during the conference.

  • Sponsor of dinners on Oct. 22 & 23, with the opportunity to speak at the banquet on Oct. 23
  • Table reserved for your firm to attend the keynote banquet on Oct. 23
  • Firm name & logo prominently displayed throughout the conference both on a banner as well as on conference app
  • VPLC hosts five people from your firm
Affiliate Sponsor

Affiliate Level

As a sponsor of both networking socials at the conference, your firm will play an important role in ensuring that attendees have an opportunity to speak with other professionals in their field.

  • Sponsor of two networking socials on Oct. 22 & 23
  • Firm name & logo prominently displayed throughout the conference on a banner and on conference app
  • Half-page ad with firm name & logo placed in conference packet
  • VPLC hosts three people from your firm
Partner Sponsor

Partner Level

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at the Partner Level, your firm will make its mark during both of the breakfasts we have at the conference.

  • Sponsor of breakfast on Oct. 22 & 23 during the conference
  • Sign with firm name & logo prominently displayed where breakfast is served
  • Quarter-page ad with firm name & logo placed in conference packet
  • VPLC hosts two people from your firm
Friend Sponsor

Friend Level

The Friend Level is a great way to support our conference while gaining some visibility for your firm.

  • Sponsor of coffee & refreshments break on Oct. 22
  • Sign with firm name & logo prominently displayed where coffee & refreshments are served
  • VPLC hosts one person from your firm