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Christie Marra is not a Crusader

Christie Marra is not a Crusader

By Caroline Kettlewell, University of Richmond School of Law Alumni Magazine

Before her first client, before her Richmond Law degree, … Read more

Save the Date-Food Stamp Challenge 2014

Save the Date-Food Stamp Challenge 2014


Could you eat for $32 a week?

Join the Virginia Poverty Law Center and take the Food … Read more

Save the Date! Annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference October 22-24

Save the Date! Annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference October 22-24

Our Annual Statewide Legal Aid Conference will be in Portsmouth from October 22-24!  Register now and please visit our Training … Read more

Summer Meals Reaching One in Six Low-Income Children in Virginia

Summer Meals Reaching One in Six Low-Income Children in Virginia

A new report finds that participation in the Summer Nutrition Programs decreased in Virginia last year, with 66,402 low-income children … Read more

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Thousands of Virginia Residents May Lose Insurance

By Prue Salasky, Daily Press

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Survivors of Predatory Loans

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Don’t Become Shark Bait by Getting Line of Credit & Online Loans

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Beware of Virginia’s “Shark” Infested Lending Waters

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Sleep Tight Knowing How to Respond to Bed Bugs in your Rental Housing

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All Bad Loans Have One Thing in Common: The Cycle of Debt

Payday loans, car title loans, line of credit loans and Internet loans:  What do they have in common? The cycle of … Read more

New Law Helps Exploited Virginians Recover Lost Assets

Victims of financial exploitation now have a better shot at getting into court and getting their property back.  Financial exploitation … Read more

Virginia’s Early Lease Termination Law for Domestic and Sexual Violence Victims

Virginia’s early lease termination law went into effect July 1, 2013 and aims to help renters who are victims of … Read more

Rent-To-Own Stores Can No Longer Use Prosecutors as their Debt Collectors

Virginia has many rent-to-own stores where you can “buy without credit” things like computers, appliances, furniture and electronics.   The idea … Read more