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Here is the 2017 VPLC Legislative Agenda.

Virginia State Capitol Building

At VPLC, we dedicate a part of our work to “advocacy” and the General Assembly session is the perfect time to show you what that means.  Everyday of the legislative session, we work to preserve and enhance opportunities for low-income Virginians to obtain health care, public assistance and safe and decent affordable housing.  We will also work to protect their rights to be free from predatory consumer practices and financial exploitation and safe from domestic and sexual violence. Advocacy means that we work from within the system, whether it be in the legislature or in the courts, to protect some of the most vulnerable in the Commonwealth. Regardless of which political party holds a majority in the state legislature, and in spite of the often negative rhetoric that comes with the type of work we do, at the end of the day VPLC can feel proud of the fact that we never lose sight of the people we advocate on behalf of — low-income Virginians. We follow and speak up against a number of bills that would harm low-income people and at the end of the day, our successes during the legislative session come from bills we prevent from getting passed and new laws that do pass to help low-income families. Above all, during this and every session after this, we will work to ensure that Virginia’s laws treat low-income people fairly and provide them equal access to our justice system.